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Madrid: Barcelona have warned off former coach Pep Guardiola from trying to lure away any of their players when he finally decides which club he is going to coach next season.
In all, Rodgers, who was warned off for life on Monday as part of the same investigation, risked a total liability of over pounds 800,000 on 12 races run between March and August 2004.
Confirming Burke intends to appeal, the trainer's solicitors, Bark & Co, issued the following statement: "Earlier today the BHA imposed on Karl Burke a penalty of 12 months disqualification for providing inside information and associating with a warned off person Miles Rodgers.
Watkins was warned off for five years for using the information received from the two jockeys for gain on the betting exchanges, and also passing it on to Lyons.
OPINIONS seem sharply divided on the sentences handed down to the latest bunch of jockeys to be warned off for breaching the "integrity" of racing.
His uncle, Peter Jaggs, said: "I am not surprised he was warned off.
Bowles, whose betting coup is believed to have won him pounds 60,000, was warned off for 20 years and now trains in Ireland.
Private Detective Russell Quant, erstwhile policeman, dog lover, and gay male replete with a Ukrainian mother who has come for Christmas with her cooking accouterments and cute accent, is warned off from a case before it even spans his radar.
Graham Bradley was last year warned off for five years by the Appeal Board of the Jockey Club for passing on information over a 10 year period.
I have effectively been warned off for five years and I am devastated.
Invariably the players became corrupted and had to be warned off Lord's.
After all, Dickens' tale of a wealthy miser warned off by three shadowy specters reads like the sequel of a "ghost story" Jesus tells in Luke 16:19-31.