warning notice

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Officials of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which inspects hospitals around the country, yesterday announced that the warning notice on maternity services has been lifted.
A FAITH school has been given a warning notice from the council amid fears a "serious breakdown" in management could prejudice pupils' performance.
WARNING Notice "It's just when I'm in a rush or busy with the kids.
He revealed two-thirds had failed to issue a single warning notice, a situation he described as "not acceptable".
However, as a safety-conscious mum, I did want to exercise caution especially after seeing a warning notice - Do Not Attempt Somersaults.
In April he was issued with a warning notice after Swansea Council accused him of putting out rubbish bags on the wrong day, but he said this was because he was going on holiday.
A maximum of three addresses for service may be provided, including e-mail addresses, and the Land Registry will send a warning notice to all the addresses they possess.
If there is danger of infection the user receives a warning notice instead of the infected data.
Coincidentally I have just received a warning notice through my door, warning me about Weil's disease spreading from rats to humans.
Under the new scheme, officers who suspect a householder is allowing a missing young person to stay with them will be issued with a Child Abduction Warning Notice.
Ms Coughlan said the early warning notice was sent to grant-aided voluntary agencies and incorrectly claimed pay cuts for public servants would automatically apply to them.
Birmingham Coroner's Court heard patient Martin Jennings, aged 36, who had problems swallowing, choked to death at Heartlands Hospital after nurses gave him toast despite a warning notice on his bed against any solid food.