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Stationary drawing in machine with mobile drawing in truck with warp beams and stretched warp sheets for separately located drawing in departments.
DOUBLE WARP Characteristics of new features detected in debris disks surrounding Beta Pictoris and Vega, as well as several other stars, make a planetary origin for the features seem likely.
There is a Professional edition of the Suite which allows users to create more advanced morphs, warps and mixes and supports AVI format.
WARP Technology Holdings (OTC BB: WRPT) is a leading provider of network and application acceleration software.
Actual results could differ materially from those included in the forward-looking statements for a variety of reasons, including the level of acceptance of the WARP 2063e product by the marketplace, the ability of the product to achieve the results for which it is designed, the ability of the company to raise capital to fund operations and marketing programs for this product, competition from other approaches to application acceleration and network architecture, and other risks described in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Available today, WARP SpiderCache RP is priced from $7,000 in the US and GBP 4,500 in the UK.
The new SpiderCache Enterprise is one of several products the company plans to launch this year, all geared around improving performance and reliability, and reducing costs," explained Gus Bottazzi, President and CEO at WARP.
The WARP SpiderCache software has allowed us to maintain optimal performance levels while increasing the total number of visitors and page views.
Full details of the terms and conditions of the Series B Preferred stock, together with related documents, can be found by referring to WARP's Form 10QSB for the period ending September 30, 2003, which will be filed by WARP with the Securities and Exchange Commission on or about November 14, 2003.