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WARRANTOR. One who makes a warranty. Touchst, 181.

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WAR CRY Warrantor (left) is expected to thrive for today's step up in trip, while Balder Succes (right) can finally come good in the 2.
Jenard elaborates upon this point in discussing Article V of the Protocol to the Brussels Convention, which governs actions in Germany that are binding on certain third parties, such as guarantors or warrantors.
The court appeared to recognize that the employer is treated by the statute as a debtor, not a surety, when it held rather ambiguously that "the obligation is imposed directly on the warrantor.
23) The act allows a consumer to bring suit against a warrantor in any state for failure to comply with its obligations under a written or implied warranty.
This is because the sources of his authority are, to say the least, questionable: he names as his warrantors a non-existent pope (July the sixth) and a schismatic pope who was notorious for his greediness (Bonyface the nynth).
The Department will, however, take a different approach if a third-party warrantor is not independent of the taxpayer.
Having collected 8% from the consumer when buying the contract, the province then went after the warrantor to extract a further 8%.
Organizational accountability - the organization as product warrantor - seems inevitable, even if medical liability case law lags in catching up to this reality.
Land patents were not protected by warranties of title -- the grantor state gave none, and even on resale, a private warrantor might become insolvent.
The second obstacle is where the warrantor comes in.
Unfortunately, some extended warranties include exclusions, are subject to the interpretation of the warrantor, fail to cover repairs due to normal wear and tear, and duplicate coverage provided in the express warranty (Rigg 1986; Silber 1983).
Trainees could get bank loans to cover expenses with China Southern Airlines acting as the warrantor, and they would be expected to repay the loans from their salaries within 10 years.