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WARRANTOR. One who makes a warranty. Touchst, 181.

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It used to be that maintenance contracts, where the service was the responsibility of the warrantor, were not subject to tax.
Having collected 8% from the consumer when buying the contract, the province then went after the warrantor to extract a further 8%.
The Commission is not now convinced that any guidelines which it set out could ensure sufficient protection for consumers against warrantors, even if the Congressional report had not made clear, as it did, that it wished for such mechanisms to not be binding.
As electronics products have become more complex, third-party warrantors, who long were strictly repair backup, have evolved into true partners with their retailers.
Proposal to approve the decision of the Management Board (as approved by the Supervisory Board), to enter into the transaction to acquire MCC substantially on the terms and conditions set out in the draft share purchase and subscription agreement (the "SPA") between the shareholders of MCC, the Company and Anthony Moore, Sharon Clayton and Kenneth Denos as the MCC Warrantors (the "Acquisition"), inter alia, by signing the draft Share Purchase Agreement, including;
More retailers want to get the liability aspect of a product off their balance sheets and warrantors are become more specialized and have greater financial credibility.
Unfortunately, when these products fail, they often sit on dealer lots for considerable lengths of time before they are fixed, while service personnel try to determine which warrantors are responsible for particular problems, and are often shipped to different states.