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Six of Himes's wartime stories were first published in Negro Story.
Did he work on any other films with Houston in wartime or later in Hollywood?
To date Fred has had five books published by London-based publisher Fingerpress including his successful wartime series, the first of which has sold more than 15,000 copies.
Asked about the perception that the phrase echoed wartime rhetoric, a government source familiar with Abe's thinking said,
12) within debates about American cultural production and, in particular, within the trajectory of self-consciously national symphonic composition that culminated in a number of well-known wartime works, including Roy Harris's Fifth Symphony (1942), Marc Blitzstein's Airborne Symphony (1946), and Copland's Third Symphony (1946).
Three-year-old Thomas Cope with his father Adam at yesterday's Wartime in Barry event
And when you've worked up sufficient appetite, have a word with the spivs who will be touting questionable ration cards redeemable for spam fritters, bread pudding and other wartime classics.
Nursery pupils are making tissue paper flowers to decorate the school's wartime cafe and will create a trail around the school from footprints to help visitors during the exhibition.
A group of former Taiwanese wartime sex slaves filed a lawsuit in Japan in 1999 against the Japanese government demanding an apology and compensation, but it was eventually rejected by the Supreme Court in 2005.
STAFF and residents at a Kirkheaton care home turned back the clock for a Wartime Tea Dance.
Wartime re-enactment groups from England and Scotland will converge on the former Blyth Battery in Northumberland - a unique collection of wartime relics which have been transformed into a tourist attraction and educational resource.
CHILDREN can experience what life was like in wartime Coventry at a special family event commemorating the anniversary of the Blitz .