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Wash Williams talked in low even tones that made his words seem the more terrible.
I didn't get the mother killed," said Wash Williams, staring up and down the street.
This is only some poor man who has lost his way, and we must be kind to him, for strangers and foreigners in distress are under Jove's protection, and will take what they can get and be thankful; so, girls, give the poor fellow something to eat and drink, and wash him in the stream at some place that is sheltered from the wind.
They also brought him the little golden cruse of oil, and told him to go and wash in the stream.
Don't be uneasy, friend Sancho," said the duchess; "I will take care that my damsels wash you, and even put you in the tub if necessary.
The one with the trough pursued him and followed him everywhere he went, endeavouring with the utmost persistence to thrust it under his chin, while another kitchen-boy seemed anxious to wash his beard.
I have a clean beard, and I don't require to be refreshed in that fashion, and whoever comes to wash me or touch a hair of my head, I mean to say my beard, with all due respect be it said, I'll give him a punch that will leave my fist sunk in his skull; for cirimonies and soapings of this sort are more like jokes than the polite attentions of one's host.
Philip, too weak and wretched to resist, allowed Griffiths to wash his hands and face, his feet, his chest and back.
When he filled a pan with dirt, he ran down the hill to wash it; nor could he forbear running up the hill again, panting and stumbling profanely, to refill the pan.
He filled a pan and carried it down the hill to wash.
Towel tips Skip the fabric softener when you wash your towels - it reduces the absorbent qualities of the fabric, which is, of course, the main point of it.
16 January 2018 - Arkansas, US-based car wash operator Zips Car Wash has acquired Jett Express Car Wash and its nine stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, the company said.