wash away

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Officials fear storms could also wash away many of the chicks that nest there.
Wash Away Quick Lube has advertised in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and may eventually advertise on the radio.
2] acts like a solvent to wash away the oil, is similar to the method of decaffeinating coffee.
Dylon Grade E-1626 is a combination of builders, detergents, anionic and non-ionic surfactants and penetrants that safely and completely loosen and wash away oils, waxes, silicon and sludgesk.
Wilson has created beautiful plays in the past (and won a Pulitzer for Talley's Folly); I just hope that when the rain comes, it's enough to wash away any memory of Sympathetic Magic.
One severe storm event can cause unprotected roads to wash away in a matter of a few hours, sometimes less.
The revolutionary new mattress features an easily removable zip-off panel that can be laundered or dry cleaned, helping to wash away stains, germs, bacteria, dust mites, odors and perspiration just like when you clean your sheets.
This caused part of the runway to wash away, and the threat still exists from the change in the direction in the river channel.
Angeles' Wash America: Help Wash Away the Hurt event to raise funds