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The launch of ColorMax and Ultra-Clean Washable Markers comes after extensive research and testing among kids, moms and teachers, and demonstrates how the brand continues to elevate Crayola products that help kids of all ages unleash their creative spirit in colorful ways.
The Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 can be hand washed time and time again and can be submerged (with the exception of the USB cable) in up to 11 inches of water.
Our goal with the Washable Wonders[TM] is to provide affordable and effective products to help manage dog incontinence; giving dignity back to each dog and peace of mind to the families.
Parents can receive either a pounds 30 voucher towards the cost of buying washable nappies or a pounds 30 pack of real nappies.
The combination of SILVER SEAL(TM) plastic and SEAL SHIELD(TM) washable technology results in the highest level of cross contamination protection available in an input device today.
With its soft-colour palette, making it ideal as an accent wall choice, this washable paper offers a fresh, modern approach.
Washes--the Sani-Solution mixes with water and is agitated by the Genie Hand, thus sanitizing the Washable Granules to eliminate germs and odors.
With the new technology, (wallpapers) are washable, they're scrubbable, and they retain their color integrity indefinitely,'' said Marsten.
While some companies "machine washable," garments fade, Bernardo Fashions first perfected the technology to prevent fading five years ago.
The covered rollers resemble paint rollers with removable, washable sleeves.
Alevio cushions use Recovery 5[TM] high polyurethane covers that are incontinent-proof, antibacterial, latex-free, antifungal, flame retardant, and machine washable.
Now parents are being asked to ditch the disposable nappies and go back to washable ones, since landfill sites today have two million tons of waste daily, most of it disposable nappies.