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Chelsea fought back, with Myhill making a brilliant stop to keep out an Ivanovic volley before Willian headed wastefully over the crossbar.
Judge Parry said: "Once again a valuable young life has been wastefully lost.
Moussa Dembele then wastefully shot into the crowd for AZ before Fener's 21st minute opener.
Peterhead should have levelled in 31 minutes when Brian Gilfillan wastefully headed over.
A line-item veto would reduce the incentive for Congress to spend wastefully because when lawmakers know their pet projects will be held up to public scrutiny, they will be less likely to suggest them in the first place.
And I don't think there's a military family out there that will look you in the eye and say, 'I want money to continue to be wastefully spent and crookedly paid to the defense industry so that I can keep my livelihood.
No, but this resourceful adaptation of an existing polyethylene tank certainly makes me consider how I might live and travel more flexibly and less wastefully.
Thus, no less than 90 percent of all new savings was wastefully invested in the inefficient public sector.
Greenbacks striker Chris Partridge should have reduced the deficit with 74 minutes on the clock, but he wastefully lobbed the ball over from six yards with only Clarke to beat.
A normal fixed-speed drive wastefully keeps pumping oil over a relief valve and back to tank during idle periods.
He also suggests diverting water that is currently being wastefully used in agricultural irrigation to urban use.
The text itself, untranslated, occupies nearly 100 pages, each chapter wastefully beginning a new page.