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Smart pre-paid meters discourage wastefulness and water saved elsewhere will be distributed to areas that do not receive the commodity regularly such as Mabvuku, Tafara and Msasa Park.
Wrexham dominated possession against a side three tiers below them in the pyramid, yet wastefulness and stoic defending from Stamford saw their FA Cup hopes vanquished at the first hurdle for the second season in succession.
We're all busy and it's easy to ignore such frivolousness, but when you consider the consequences of wastefulness and the amount it can hit your pocket, it's worth taking some time to think of some strategies that reduce wastefulness and teach your child some good habits early on.
Seeing such wastefulness reminds me of someone's famous words-that we are a rich country pretending to be poor.
Councils should recycle all types of plastic and end this wastefulness.
This is in order to collectively reject the wastefulness and extravagance exhibited by some in an effort to 'show off', he said and noted that we should instead accept the blessed graces given to us, and must invest in the means to preserve and maintain such graces by Allah Almighty.
Lebanon was also ranked 139 out of 140 countries in terms of wastefulness of government spending.
The WEF report evaluates the efficiency of the governments of 144 countries of the world on measures, including the wastefulness of government spending, burden of regulation and transparency of policymaking to produce an overall global ranking.
healthcare system is driven by an inefficiency and wastefulness with that system, and that the road to recovery lies in reforming the system rather than in repealing or radically altering the Affordable Care Act.
Puerto Rico faltered in key areas, including the burden of government regulation, primary education enrollment, and wastefulness of government spending.
Ciro Immobile and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang struck either side of halftime and the German club would have been more emphatic victors than 2-0 but for the reflexes of Wojciech Szczesny and their own wastefulness.
We originally wanted to counter the wastefulness that usually happens with every production, where inevitably a bunch of stuff gets tossed in a dumpster and goes to a landfill.