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Hassan blamed the strikers for their wastefulness in the friendly match," Zamalek said on their website.
The visitors eventually took advantage through Stephen Hunt's 75th-minute header, with Gary Caldwell's own-goal making it 2-0 three minutes later, and Martinez rued Wigan's wastefulness.
Perhaps we may not pay for our wastefulness, but our children will surely pay for it in the future.
The imbalance between countries, wastefulness and unlimited consumption as well as excessive greed all contributed to the global crisis, Erdogan said.
These research articles on recycling practices focus on continued wastefulness in developed countries and increased efforts to establish national mindsets and infrastructures for conservation.
At work, the hospital environment unavoidably consumes a lot of 'single-use' materials, but there are many areas where we can counter this wastefulness.
With the money at her fingertips and nobody to object to the wastefulness of building a second library, the principal had full control over the project.
For Binney and his cohorts, each battle forms part of a grinding crusade against ignorance, neglect and wastefulness, conducted with no state financial support.
com), authored by an investment advisor at a top-tier financial firm, decries the wastefulness of our society and advocates consuming less in order to save the planet.
In support of Steve Bonta's point about the wastefulness of the space program in the Last Word column of the February 9 issue:
Look at the wastefulness of the north/south divide and at theshort-termism which accompanies this division.
The Commission was charged with inventorying the status of Michigan's forests and ascertaining the cause of forest degradation, such as fire, clearing for agriculture, and wastefulness.