wasting away

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While we are all busy living our own lives, people like you are just wasting away.
The switch opens the way for him to possibly make the club out of spring training, and given the fact club officials don't want Guzman wasting away on the bench, that probably would relegate current left fielder Jose Cruz Jr.
Clementine and Four Minute Warning were the anthems, but Hail Mary, Come On and the gentle, acoustic number Wasting Away prove that all of his hard work isn't being wasted.
All these groups and others experience muscle atrophy, the wasting away of muscle fiber.
The soap queen is the envy of dieters because she has to eat high-calorie food to avoid wasting away.
They're not just an inspiration but a reminder of Britain's most shameful statistic - one million young people wasting away on the dole.
HOUSE of Horrors killer Rose West is wasting away after staging a three-month hunger strike in prison.
Neither Ryan Hollins nor Ryan Wright filled the role, Alfred Aboya has been too injured to be reliable, he suffered a strained left hip flexor Tuesday and now is doubtful Thursday against Oregon State, and Michael Fey is wasting away on the bench.
He said: ``I could see myself wasting away in the reserves at Everton so I asked to go out on loan.
The coastal marshes of Louisiana provide a poignant example of wetlands that are virtually wasting away.
Just remember that the kids with sticks in hand will probably be better off running around than sitting in front of the tube wasting away to ``Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
This result indicates that the neurons took an active role in killing themselves, rather than wasting away passively,' the researchers report.