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Chronic wasting disease prions are not transmissible to transgenic mice overexpressing human prion protein.
Much about chronic wasting disease remains unclear, including whether the prions actually cause the disease or are simply byproducts of other disease agents.
During the upcoming deer and elk hunting seasons, the ODFW is `asking hunters to bring their deer and elk carcasses to biological check stations or to their nearest ODFW office to be sampled for chronic wasting disease,' Gillin said.
Chronic wasting disease was first noted in 1967 in a mule deer held at a research facility in Fort Collins, Colo.
Both Mad Cow and Chronic Wasting Disease are kinds of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE).
Chronic Wasting Disease attacks the brain of infected deer, elk and moose, producing small lesions that eventually result in death.
A CHIEF of a Birmingham university is drenched in icy water to help raise awareness about a muscle wasting disease.
The 22-stone giant lost the use of his legs at an animal shelter a year ago after he fell victim to a mystery wasting disease similar to multiple sclerosis.
Chronic wasting disease is included briefly in a chapter on potential food pathogens, which makes the omission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy all the more striking.
Three oral doses of saliva from a deer sick with chronic wasting disease passed the infection to other deer kept in isolation suites indoors, reports Edward Hoover of Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
A NEW project aimed at improving the care of patients with the muscle wasting disease muscular dystrophy has been launched in Wales.