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WATCHMAN. An officer in many cities and towns, whose duty it is to watch during the night and take care of the property of the inhabitants.
     2. He possesses generally the common law authority of a constable (q.v.) to make arrests, where there is reasonable ground to suspect a felony, though there is no proof of a felony having been committed. 1 Chit. Cr. L. 24; 2 Hale, 96; Hawk. B. 2, c. 13, s. 1, &c.; 1 East, P. C. 303; 2 Inst. 52; Com. Dig. Imprisonment, H 4; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 3 Taunt. R. 14; 1 B. & A. 227; Peake, R. 89; 1 Moody's Cr. Cas. 334; 1 Esp. R. 294; and vide Peace.
     3. By an act of congress, approved Sept. 30, 1850, the compensation of watchmen in the various departments of government, shall be five hundred dollars per annum.

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Sources said that robbers were trying to smash and remove the bank's ATM when watchman Sajjad Siddique made hue and cry.
A spokesman for the project said: "We want to restore the hut to its former glory and a run community project as a homage to the famous watchman and re-establish the hut as a spectacle like it once was.
Rubelino Amistad, head watchman of Balliao village in nearby Benito Soliven town, was killed while the truck's other passengers were brought to Governor Faustino Dy Sr.
MF Grammar High School was vandalised on Friday and its watchman was severely beaten up by a crowd in Ibrahim Hyderi after rumours of a minor girl's molestation spread.
The family said the girl told them that the watchman had tried to kidnap her the previous day.
The Watchman Road project is made up of a new roundabout at the intersection of SH2, Meeanee Quay and Watchman Road; the widening and strengthening of the Watchman Road causeway; and the construction of a new road linking Watchman Road to Hawkes Bay Airport.
Police has detained the watchman for investigation.
The watchman left and went back to the ground floor.
Lee's literary output had been a matter of speculation for decades before "Go Set a Watchman.
Medical company Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX) reported on Thursday the first implants of the WATCHMAN FLX Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) Device in Europe upon CE mark approval.
This compounded the suspicion on the watchman, who on being questioned denied knowing anything about the woman.
A spokesman of the FDA told here Wednesday that Deputy Director Khalid Hameed parked his vehicle in front of the office of TMA while the watchman Baba Nazir requested him not to park his vehicle before the main gate.