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This seemed to be some watchword or signal that all was right; for the light of a feeble candle gleamed on the wall at the remote end of the passage; and a man's face peeped out, from where a balustrade of the old kitchen staircase had been broken away.
He hopes ardently for a steady amelioration of the condition of the masses, proceeding toward a time when all men shall have real opportunity for full development; and freedom is one of his chief watchwords.
Therefore, gentlemen, the word ELECTION, to my thinking, is in a fair way to cause as much mischief as the words CONSCIENCE and LIBERTY, which ill-defined and ill-understood, were flung broadcast among the people, to serve as watchwords of revolt and incitements to destruction.
He said "cost minimization and efficiency must be the watchword of any meaningful innovation at the airports due to the current global economic/financial challenges.
STEVE MCCLAREN says patience is the watchword regarding Newcastle United's incoming defender Chancel Mbemba.
Lundite THE new watchword for television in 2011 was "scripted reality", a horrific blend of documentary and soap opera which gave us such delights as Desperate Scousewives and The Only Way Is Essex, both of which are sufficiently atrocious to make Acorn Antiques look like Boys from the Black Stuff.
Consistency has been our watchword for a long time," Miller said.
Summary: DUBAI - Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will deliver a lecture on Thursday on the theme 'Spirit of the Union', the watchword that marks the 40th anniversary of UAE National Day.
Delivery will be the watchword of the next Welsh Labour Government.
Mr Brown, who once said prudence was his watchword, wants to spend money he hasn't got by increasing public sector debt.
Poverty alleviation is peace" is Yunnus' watchword (Nat.
What a striking opening sentence--"With accountability becoming the watchword in athletic administration .