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George, from boyhood up, had been raised in that school of thought whose watchword is 'Findings are keepings', and, having ascertained that there was no address attached to the name, he was on the point, I regret to say, of pouching the volume, which already he looked upon as his own, when a figure detached itself from the crowd, and he found himself gazing into a pair of grey and, to his startled conscience, accusing eyes.
A CONSULTANT advisor has an arrangement on the most proficient method to improve the positioning of your watchwords on well known web indexes.
Summary: United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Allen Chastanet, has warned that transparency and due diligence must the watchwords, if Saint Lucia is to avoid the possibility of security risks linked to terrorism, money laundering or other criminal activity linked to its Citizen by Investment Programme (CIP).
One of the watchwords of vegetable gardening is rotation.
MANAMA: Unity and teamwork are the watchwords for a group of Bahraini business people in the running for February 15 election to the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry board.
Prof Jones added: My watchwords for the civil service will be excellence and delivery.
SURVIVE and thrive are watchwords for many businesses - especially during the current recession.
You would have guessed that a team managed by Zico must be a joy to watch, but organisation and solidarity are the watchwords for the Brazilian and this could end up being a dull encounter.
Marianne Suhr, presenter of the BBC TV series Restoration and SPAB's education officer, said: "Location, location, location, used to be the watchwords when it came to property, but this year we want people to think 'maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.
Honesty and decency were his watchwords and it was his respect for others which made it possible for him to bridge this country's divide.
And the world will know that the message is coming from the city of two cathedrals, where the new watchwords are respect, tolerance and understanding.
In such circumstances, transparency and fairness must become the essential watchwords.