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Water beds or other special mattresses can help to relieve pressure as well as to prevent sores.
The centre has a sensory studio with interactive bubble tube, lights, music and heated water bed, a soft play area, and a sensory cave.
He said apart from losing capability of the water bed such state of affairs also affect the provision of established water rights admissible under the existing Revenue Laws.
Then there was the water bed that, during the couple of years when water beds were fashionable, I shared with my first wife, a very beautiful if rather highly strung young woman.
The charity has launched an appeal to transform the room, now used for physiotherapy, into a multi-sensory centre complete with bubble tubes, fibre optic cascades and a water bed, providing a relaxing environment for the centre's users.
I can't say it made me feel sorry for our tiny toddler friends but it did help me to realise how big and complicated the world is when your fingers won't grip and every carpet feels like a water bed to walk on.
Brent Carpenter used the fire extinguisher from his patrol car to blast the flames consuming a water bed frame and child's swimming pool.
He had a water bed, of course, and copies of Masters and Johnson, The Hite Report, The Joy of Sex, and More Joy.
A LEAMINGTON home which cares for disabled people has been presented with a water bed.
and before long they were making waves on his water bed.
With a number of manufacturers tapping into the possibilities of ultra-premium price points and more technologically advanced product, a water bed isn't just a water bed anymore.