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Heating the sorbed water bed will add enough energy to desorb the water at a higher rate.
Water beds or other special mattresses can help to relieve pressure as well as to prevent sores.
The work involved digging down into the water bed to a depth of two foot six inches for a distance of a kilometre, then installing TV cameras to ensure the water remained uncontaminated.
One tells her he has a water bed, while another promises her more booze if she comes back to his place.
Since the fan was in our friend's bedroom over his water bed, it was a little comical to watch them try to keep their balance on the gyrating bed while they worked on the fan.
He said apart from losing capability of the water bed such state of affairs also affect the provision of established water rights admissible under the existing Revenue Laws.
It now boosts a projector area and big screen, voice distortion box, new water bed and fibre optic waterfall.
It now has a projector area and big screen, voice distortion box, water bed and fibre-optic waterfall.
Over time, the technologies in K-12 schools have grown more complex and our uses of them more sophisticated--moving figuratively from feather bed to water bed.
But underneath volunteers discovered a mess of rusting, rotting rubbish clogging up the water bed.