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Hopefully, with some ingenuity and planning, New Jersey can completely transform itself in the upcoming decades, maximizing public access to waterfronts, building stronger communities and keeping our beaches beautiful.
Mersey Waterfront money will go towards path s and fences, opening up new activities such as riding for the disabled.
Participants are also discussing new development formulae and strategies,identifying new development opportunities around the world and meeting specialist firms with waterfront development experience.
The village is a waterfront complex of 57 shops and 17 eateries, all aimed unapologetically at visitors (you'll be hard-pressed to find a San Diegan in the crowd).
The designers of a waterfront apartment building in Manhattan-The Regatta-capitalized on the desirability of river views by zigzagging the building so that the percentage of apartments with a view was greatly increased.
The Port extended the offer in hopes of retaining the restaurant as a long-term Port tenant within the Port's "From Bridge to Breakwater" waterfront development.
A team from the region is pushing the boat out at the Waterfront Expo in London's Docklands, a three day event featuring exhibits from international attractions such as Toronto,Philadelphia and Melbourne.
Pataki's vision of reclaiming and renewing parkland along the Brooklyn Waterfront," Gargano said.
8 million in Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) grants for 19 local waterfront revitalization projects that will expand recreational access and public amenities in Long Island communities, and protect and improve water quality in Long Island Sound and other local water bodies.
2 million in Environmental Protection Fund grants for 11 local waterfront revitalization projects to expand recreational areas, protect natural resources, and redevelop former commercial properties in New York City.
The New York Building Congress recently hosted more than 100 design, construction and real estate industry representatives on a tugboat tour of the East River waterfront.
The consultant team will work closely with the Homeport Task Force to create a comprehensive reuse strategy that focuses on development opportunities along the waterfront from the Homeport to the St.