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As a measure of the quality of a watermarked image, the peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) is typically used.
Performing 1-level inverse discrete wavelet transform to get watermarked primary watermark.
DVD video content watermarked using RepliTrack is cross-compatible with other watermarking hardware and software components which are available from Philips Research, such as the hardware embedder for baseband material, and an MPEG software development kit.
Just as crucial for studios and other content creators, it's almost impossible for pirates to detect and defeat these watermarked codes," said Dr.
The benefit of the SDK to Digimarc customers is that images can be digitally watermarked with copyright notification and image tracking attributes that provide a pervasive link back to the original image management database, even after the images are outside the original system.
We're pleased to announce that, as part of its corporate citizenship program, Digimarc has donated digital watermarking technology to enable Net Nanny and RuleSpace to augment their respective content recognition capabilities with the ability help identify and manage access to digitally watermarked content that may be flagged as inappropriate for children," said Reed Stager, vice president and general manager, Digimarc Global Licensing.
With Digimarc ImageBridge Plus watermarking, Stockbyte will embed its digital images with imperceptible digital data that will link viewers directly to a specific Internet destination when the watermarked image is opened or scanned with a Digimarc-enabled application or free stand-alone readers.