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The rain seemed to be streaming down more heavily than ever and everybody in the station wore wet and glistening waterproofs.
As I did not want to plowter about any more in the drizzle and the dark, I put my waterproof over the muzzle of one gun, and made a sort of wigwam with two or three rammers that I found, and lay along the tail of another gun, wondering where Vixen had got to, and where I might be.
Sun shines out - rain ceased - even Boarham's not afraid to venture in his waterproof boots; and Wilmot and I are going to beat you all.
He told me, in return, that he wondered I had arrived at my time of life, without knowing that a doctor's skin was waterproof.
We saw him pass the breakfast-room window hastily, with his high boots and his waterproof coat on--and that was all.
Not accustomed, as the doctors are, to examine closely the mangled remains of human beings, he had been shocked by the sight disclosed to his view when a waterproof sheet had been lifted off a table in a certain apartment of the hospital.
Another waterproof sheet was spread over that table in the manner of a table-cloth, with the corners turned up over a sort of mound - a heap of rags, scorched and bloodstained, half concealing what might have been an accumulation of raw material for a cannibal feast.
You are very wet, Mr Harmon,"--I can hear him saying--"and I am quite dry under this good waterproof coat.
I could not have done it, but for the fortune in the waterproof belt round my body.
Ona was a working girl, and did not own waterproofs and such things, and so Jurgis took her and put her on the streetcar.
Father Brown carefully folded up the letter, and put it in his breast pocket just as there came a loud peal at the gate bell, and the wet waterproofs of several policemen gleamed in the road outside.
Waterproof and breathable with side and rear vents.