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The 'pressure-plate' system that has been developed for the steel frame which holds each pane in place guarantees the watertightness of the faE*ade and allows thinner panes of glass to be used, thereby reducing the weight of the glazing system," said Tony Archibold, associate director of RMJM, the international architectural firm that has designed Capital Gate.
Other features include brown rubber armor on the single-hinged magnesium housing, watertightness, airtightness, dustproofing and easy-to-clean external lenses.
Watertightness was ensured by drilling 16 holes distributed symmetrically around the inlet, central, and outlet microchannels.
Bowen: use strapping tape to tape the seams as it adheres to the cardboard, but use duct tape over the strapping tape to ensure watertightness, and generic duct tape is not as "sticky" as the original.
Firmness loosely translates into structural stability, durability, watertightness and thermal performance.
30) These regulations cover hull structure, watertightness, structural soundness to minimize fire hazards, lifesaving and firefighting equipment, vessel control, and requirements pertaining to the safe navigation of the ship.
At the abstract function level, flows of mass, energy, and resources were included as well as principles of risk assessment and social constraints on the use of force and authority, Processes of launching, moving, generating signals, and maintaining watertightness were described at the generalized function level.
A continuous steel diaphragm is embedded in the wall of every tank and provides positive assurance of watertightness and prevents concrete spalling.
Inspection of waterproofness and ISO 7031--Tests on concrete watertightness, is defined as the flow property of concrete which quantitatively characterizes the ease by which a fluid or gas will pass through it, under the action of a pressure differential.
In order to carry the CE mark, products must be tested, and their performance recorded, for wind resistance, fire safety, watertightness, acoustic insulation, thermal resistance, and radiation properties, air permeability and impact resistance for doors.
These encapsulated coils, which totally enclose and protect the electrical components of the coil, have been redesigned by Parker to provide superior watertightness and chemical resistance.