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Recent Contributions of Electron Interferometry to Wave-Particle Duality.
For Conrad, writing when light theory was in a moment of flux but before wave-particle duality had been accepted by the scientific community, light does not bring connection--although it does carry with it a sense of paradox.
This paper reports on one aspect of my doctoral research - the nature of student understanding of concepts relating to their study of the wave-particle duality of light, and the wave nature of matter.
This is clearly influenced by uncertainty connected with wave-particle duality.
In a more general sense, de Broglie was introducing the concept of wave-particle duality.
He and two collaborators, Podolsky and Rosen, wrote a paper in 1935 arguing that quantum mechanics was "incomplete" because it seemed to allow for the propagation of signals faster than the speed of light--a result forbidden by Einsteins relativity Like so many of the strange effects of quantum mechanics, this was a consequence of the wave-particle duality in which physical systems behave either like waves or particles, depending upon which type of property you are trying to measure.
Wave-particle duality is about wave-function collapse, and that is about entanglement.
It Is this so-called wave-particle duality and, further, the observer dependence of what we see that we attempted to explore in this project.
Arbitrary mixed dislocations can be decomposed into a screw component and an edge component, giving rise to wave-particle duality [5].
Beginning with an overview of conservation laws and symmetries, it swiftly dives into the wave-particle duality, the emergence of quantum mechanics, and the motivations supporting today's Standard Model.
Stone describes Einstein's early research, and shows that there was enough material there for "four Nobel prizes": for example, the ideas of quantization of energy, wave-particle duality, entanglement can all be traced to as early as 1905--"the miracle year" of Einstein's intellectual life.