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So economic systems exhibit endemic and highly complex wave-particle duality in time and space, but they are fast evolving through processes of discovery and adjustment which impart an element of decoherence to the wave effects.
However, the physical intensity waves of STCED help us understand the physics of the quantum mechanical wavefunction and the physics of wave-particle duality.
Stone describes Einstein's early research, and shows that there was enough material there for "four Nobel prizes": for example, the ideas of quantization of energy, wave-particle duality, entanglement can all be traced to as early as 1905--"the miracle year" of Einstein's intellectual life.
As a result, the classic paradoxes, 'renormalization,' wave-particle duality, and Copenhagen uncertainty, no longer exist.
The Heisenberg uncertainty relation has nothing to do with wave-particle duality.
This is important because both matter and light display wave-particle duality, and its resolution requires experiment and theory for both.
With this choice, we are required to attribute wave-particle duality characteristics, non-local force characteristics, magnetic dipole characteristics, etc.
Thus, in a curious twist on the quantum-physics notion of wave-particle duality, the researchers can demonstrate either the particle or the wave nature of iight in the same experiment simply by picking a detector sensitive to the appropriate kind of polarized light.