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Total Wavelength Services Forecasts The total wavelength services market revenues were close to $X billion in 2012, largely due to the growth in EoW services adoption in the retail market.
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For any given temperature and wavelength, it specifies exactly how much radiation an idealized thermal source known as a black body will emit.
Some insects, like bees, can perceive light of shorter wavelengths than humans can see.
Building on the FlexiPort technology and OTN support on the CN 4200, the addition of ROADM functionality enables customers to build even more efficient networks, reconfigure services on demand, and reduce network complexity, while reducing spend on equipment and wavelengths," said Steve Alexander, chief technology officer of Ciena.
One such device, already in the works, would operate at the shorter infrared wavelengths now widely used for optical-fiber telecommunications, Gmachl says.
Since they are based on the quantized vibrational and rotational motion of molecules, these SRMs provide wavelength references that are very stable under changing environmental conditions.
Simultaneously, the team is constructing the first radio map ever recorded at a wavelength of 4 meters.
In order to help service providers more quickly and cost effectively address growing customer demand for high-bandwidth services, the two companies have entered into a unique collaboration that streamlines the production and deployment of their jointly developed dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) metro optical networking solutions.

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