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They also show a preference for embellishing recitational notes, employing tune families, stepwise motion, and wavelike contours, all of which recall the style of archaic Italic chant.
Something must have enforced the wavelike quality of unsustained growth, something structural or the workings of an outside agency.
Where previously he had intuitively elaborated upon more-or-less strict theoretical processes, here processes acted upon the broadly intuitive drawing of wavelike shapes in order to transform his graphical resources into notational results.
But the remarkable thing about this book is the way it convinces the reader of its thesis by sheer force of beauty: a wavelike basket hilt, the austere triumph of a blacksmith's art, is printed in a symphony of grays that would do justice to a Japanese print.
Among Victorian musical settings of the poem she singles out George Henschel's, which counterpointed an ascending vocal line with the accompanying piano's descending, wavelike arpeggios, so that the piano registered, without literalizing, the voice not heard.
It still has the oscillating wavelike characteristic but also has the ability to allow simultaneous time and frequency analysis with a flexible mathematical foundation.
These patients were more likely to experience wavelike flareups which over time subsided in frequency and intensity.
The computations also accounted for the up-and-down bobbing motion of M67 and the sun through the galaxy's plane of stars -- wavelike orbits that all celestial objects in the Milky Way exhibit, to some degree, thanks to complex gravitational interactions with other objects.
In this application, the Deque wash stand flush mounted fitting with individual rosettes, and the Deque bathtub stand flow spout, both with natural, and wavelike water jets.
Team GB synchronised swimmers also christened the pool with a routine to a Queen soundtrack at lunchtime, while local children also got to do several lengths at the Zaha Hadid-designed pool which has a striking wavelike roof.
The marker would consist of three vertical basalt columns and a sign made of a wavelike panel of stainless steel that would include Connor and Jack's stories, as well as a warning of the dangers of the area and the sea's power and suddenness.
Lately I've noticed that when I'm writing or drawing, my natural line is flowing and wavelike," he says.