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But on other tracks like the slow moving Sweet Prince and Only Living Soul, he has the soft whispery, wavery voice of Michael Jackson.
Brian Meehan, who trains the filly, said: "Bicoastal is not going to Keeneland - her blood is just a bit wavery and we didn't want to risk it.
She climbed onto a stool and gave a wavery, though well-rehearsed, rendition of Phil Ochs' "There But for Fortune," followed by Pink's "Dear Mr.
I stared like a drowning person at his wavery face.
Marcus claims that a wavery but unbroken line at least two millennia old connects a startling variety of extravagant religious, literary, and musical expressions: "Little Richard's glossolalia could be traced back thousands of years to gnostic chants that moved through time till they became the sort of prayers offered by mystics like John of Leyden, after which they found their way into Pentecostal churches, where Little Richard learned the language of "Tutti Frutti'" (93).
Her wavery vocal is out of control as it toys with the melody inherent in ballads like Looking For Water and the Sheryl Crow-styled pop-rock of the title track.
fast acoustic guitars, Craig has wavery vocals like Neil Young and a great songwriting style - happy to play fast or let his voice shine through.
A section of the corner cupboard with paneled doors formed the lower portion; upon it rested, with no attachment but gravity, a similar-size unit whose single large door held nine panes of wavery old glass.
Really good--quiet, sparse guitars and percussion, wavery, plaintive vocals, and quirky sound accoutrements create off-kilter melodies that build to moments of rumbling noise, keeping things nicely tense throughout.
He says that early on he had ``serious performance anxiety issues'' and ``a thin, wavery voice - a typical songwriter's voice.
This show dispensed with a chronological plan in favor of loose groupings around physical processes: lifting and suspension (as in Shirt, 1995/2003, in which the sleeve of a businessman's shirt, attached to a helium-filled balloon blown around by a fan, performs a touchingly wavery wave) or pouring and pulling (as in one of the most sheerly understated yet charged of the new works: Four Wheels, 2003, in which four pristine car wheels, wedged against the pull of gravity on a sloping plinth, hint at a miraculously &materialized vehicle to which they might once have been attached).
Scott Alan Prosser, 29, of Wavery Avenue, Nuneaton, receiving stolen goods to the value of pounds 5, using a vehicle without insurance and fraudulent use of a vehicle excise licence, fined pounds 350.