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waviness index between the fibers from near the outer (1.
The corresponding three statistical characteristics: texture, waviness and roughness for Profiles 1 and 2 are shown in Fig.
The waviness is found to induce swirling at larger Reynolds numbers in the flow, which consequently boosts heat and mass transfer significantly.
Surface waviness is defined as the intermediate wavelength components produced by the machining process, including any deviations from the ideal waviness profile.
The measured surface waviness, flop, and lightness were analyzed for correlation to application process parameters.
Characteristic Moneuptychia Carminda outer margin of with moderate to with distinct waviness hindwings wavy slight waviness not extended and median lines on extended and not distinctly angular ventral hindwing angular surface ventral wing color pattern is color pattern on the surface the same on the hindwings differs fore and hindwings from that on the forewings uncus in dorsal not laterally extended or strongly view extended extended laterally latero-posterior short and conical long, curvy and tapered apophyses of projections at the end not developed tegumen angular developed and appendices visible
The surface texture component, varying along the horizontal direction, is called waviness when the changes are slow, and roughness when changes are more rapid.
The technology features a laser scanning sensor that extracts the surface form and waviness data in one scan, providing new metrology capability to improve the production's process quality and performance.
Those four components are: form, the true geometry of the piece; waviness, from machine movement; primary microroughness, a fingerprint of the manufacturing method; and secondary microroughness, high-frequency roughness caused by the cutting tool.
The new grade is said to produce a more precise corrugated outer layer and when used as a pipe inner layer, to eliminate sink marks and chips and to reduce the potential waviness on the inner surface.
25 mm cutoff mainly used in our previous experiments and eliminates more components considered as low frequency waviness of the topography.
The waviness of the laser cut surface depends on the laser cutting parameters.