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Effect of fin waviness and spacing on the lateral vortex structure and laminar heat transfer in wavy-plate-fin cores, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 47(8-9): 1719-1730.
It could simply be that most effects of bell parameters on surface waviness are masked by the nonelectrostatically applied paint layer.
Presence of a zone of molten metal, which contacts with surface of the mould in its upper part, allows, in addition to saving energy, producing even and smooth surface of the ingot without waviness and flashes [9].
Occasionally, data will be obtained which show a distinct waviness in the plot of crack length vs.
2005) based on Poisson-Nernst-Planck and Navier-Stokes equations is developed to analyze salt rejection in a flow of an ionic solution through a wavy capillary and to study the influence of amplitude and frequency of surface waviness on the flow.
But I've kept his hair quite long in order to show the waviness and I've made his face a bit fuller.
A trickle-down effect could generate that surprisingly regular waviness, propose Naohisa Ogawa and Yoshinori Furukawa of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan.
Give your rows some movement, some waviness, as three straight lines of plants will impart a severe look to your garden that you probably want to avoid.
This one is for waterbed lovers that like the way waterbeds used to feel, but without the waviness," said Sara Archer, spokeswoman for Land & Sky.
Finally, it is worth checking that no part of lens causes any waviness or distortion and reject any sunglasses that do not give you a clear, sharp image.
Each day he would bring home his project explaining it to me while I commented on the feel, the color or the waviness.
Applied's APF is a leading candidate for 3xnm and below hardmask applications as a result of its excellent structural properties that enable excellent CD control, without line waviness or bending.