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She pushed the wavy hair back from her forehead - her eyes were bright, and there was a deep flush of colour in her cheeks.
He has thrown off his paper cap, and you see that his hair is not thick and straight, like Adam's, but thin and wavy, allowing you to discern the exact contour of a coronal arch that predominates very decidedly over the brow.
From the spot where I lay transfixed with surprise and delight, I looked straight down into the bosom of a valley, which swept away in long wavy undulations to the blue waters in the distance.
A small column of smoke rose through a chimney of sticks, cemented with clay, along the side of the rock, and had marked the snow above with its dark tinges, in a wavy line, from the point of emission to an other, where the hill receded from the brow of a precipice, and held a soil that nourished trees of a gigantic growth, that overhung the little bottom beneath.
Vincy, in her fullest matronly bloom, looked at Mary's little figure, rough wavy hair, and visage quite without lilies and roses, and wondered; trying unsuccessfully to fancy herself caring about Mary's appearance in wedding clothes, or feeling complacency in grandchildren who would "feature" the Garths.
She lay with her head on her hand, and the hollow in the pillow was like a nest lined with her brown wavy hair.
No,' replied the lady, sadly smiling, as she stroked the wavy locks of her son, who was seated on a low stool at her feet; 'but he is my only treasure, and I am his only friend: so we don't like to be separated.
The tail almost swept the ground, while the mane was so thick that it crested out of the neck and flowed down, long and wavy.
FRISCO, Texas -- Curls LLC has been providing natural hair care products for women and girls with wavy, curly and kinky hair since 2002, when chief executive officer Mahisha Dellinger founded the company in Elk Grove, Calif.
The firm, which had recently acquired a banking license, said that it is unveiling Wavy, a new, free P2P payments service that can be used in the iOS and Android platforms.
Lead researcher Prof Edward Hanna, from the University of Sheffield, said: "The warming Arctic could well have been amplifying the effects of wavy jet stream patterns.