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The wax pattern was sprued, casted with high noble metal alloy and finished with the conventional manner and ceramic application was done.
A suitable donor hand and leg were selected for making the wax patterns to avoid the laborious task of sculpting.
Other advantages to this technique include easy retrieval of the model from the three layers of impression surface, easy retrieval of the wax pattern prepared from the impression surface of the donor technique, and less voids while recording the impression of the internal surface of the external ear.
5) we conclude that to achieve a good dimensional accuracy and low contraction of the wax pattern, it is recommended a casting temperature as close to the melting point temperature and also a mould preheating temperature as low.
However, the difficulty in this approach is that it's impossible to control the exact way in which the beads are distributed over the wax pattern, so every casting is slightly different.
Quickly modeling the form in clay, then taking a plaster mold off the clay, she paints liquid wax into the mold to produce a wax pattern of the form.
And the idea of going from a wax pattern to an investment casting was the basis for our cost justification of the system.
With Unigraphics, Computer Designs can design the entire mold in the CAD system, dispensing with the wax pattern.
Moulders Johnny Burton, 83, a Catholic who worked in Dublin's CIE Foundry, and William Beatty, 70, a Protestant from Belfast, made the casting from a wax pattern created by Dublin artist Joe Sweeney.
a pioneer in digital dentistry and a leading producer of dental CAD/CAM systems, has chosen its InVision([R]) DP (Dental Professional) 3-D Modeler to launch Sirona's new infiniDent wax pattern service.
There's virtually no difference once we go to a rubber mold and a wax pattern in the test performance of a casting made off a printed pattern vs.
Wax pattern was fabricated and metal copings were tried in the patient mouth.