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In most patients with unilateral ear defects, when a CIT was used to make an ear, orientation of the wax pattern took at least 2 to 3 h due to increased distortion.
To achieve a wax pattern as high dimensional accuracy is important to accomplish an optimization of casting temperatures.
The key difference in the new method is that wax pattern is produced with an integral textured surface.
We are convinced that dental laboratories utilizing these wax patterns will substantially increase their efficiencies when fabricating wax-patterns through infiniDent.
The automated wax cell would require one operator to inject patterns and runners and trim, inspect and load the wax patterns onto the pattern assembly system.
to integrate their products, foundries employing both systems are able to benefit from the seamless exchange of data between MPI's new Smart Controls wax pattern injectors and Guardian Software Systems Touch Screen Data Collection Module.
Predicting physical changes that occur in the wax pattern, shell and solidifying metal during investment casting could soon be possible according to results from a collaborative research project in which the AFS 4-L Investment Casting Committee and Procast incorporated a visco-elastic code developed by the U.
Much of Signicast's leadtime comes from dipping the wax pattern trees into the ceramic slurries to form investment molds.
Investment casting facilities will find bringing an SLA machine in-house most beneficial, as the newest materials can operate in much the same way as a wax pattern.
The module examines many aspects of the investment casting process, including changes to the wax pattern, the shell and the solidifying molten metal.