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Goff said the plant can run other types of crude, and Tesoro is working to forecast waxy crude availability.
Waxy potatoes have good flavour but can get wet and sticky if they're the only potato in the mash.
In diploid wheats, where one exclusive waxy protein is detected (Wx-A1), this protein is encoded by the Wx-A1 gene located on the short arm of the chromosome 7A.
Conversely, on surfaces with low wettability, such as waxy leaves on tropical plants, the areas in contact with the gecko's toes remain dry and adhesion, firm.
Among starch coatings, the common corn starch and Hylon VII caused less milk to absorb into the cereal flakes than did the waxy corn starch.
A daughter of Waxy out of Woodbine, who descended from Julia in the third generation, Music won the 1813 Oaks, a feat emulated by her sister Minuet two years later, when a remarkable double double was recorded, as Whalebone's brother Whisker also carried the scarlet Grafton colours to victory in the Derby.
Figures 1-3 show the X-ray diffraction patterns of the natural MMT and the plasticized waxy, normal, and high-amylose starch nanocomposites respectively.
Ambergris is originally whale vomit which, over time, turns into a sweet-smelling waxy substance traditionally highly prized for making perfume and musk.
8 kilogram (4 pound) glob of waxy substance from her sister.
ATHIS thick build up a of yellowy, waxy crust on the head is very common in babies.
Croton is that plant whose waxy, variegated leaves are colored in bright green, yellow, and red.
Stepan EDS, characterized as a hard waxy flake with a bland taste, features a melting point of 80 deg.