way to

See: ingress
References in classic literature ?
Cruncher's attention was here diverted to the door-keeper, whom he saw making his way to Mr.
There will be many little things along our way to make us glad.
Then," said Ozma, "I suppose you know what is in my mind, and that I am seeking a way to prevent any one in the future from discovering the Land of Oz.
And while you were on your journey I have thought of a way to accomplish your desire.
If you interfere to balk his vengeance, you should remember there is one way to shut your testimony out; and that is to put you in the dock.
But as I went on my way to the city, I felt so lost and lonesome, that I could have found it in my heart to sit down by the dyke, and cry and weep like any baby.
Early next morning we went out together, and at the corner of Giltspur-street by Smithfield, I left Herbert to go his way into the City, and took my way to Little Britain.
Jaggers, very coolly, as he paused with his handkerchief half way to his nose, "does Provis make this claim?
It's also true that I was now setting out for this same place, to fetch the girl in to dinner, which brings us round happily to our former point, and starts us fair again on our way to the sands.
So the only way to avoid a terrible battle was to explain the joke so they could understand it.
For a stake of one sovereign he undertook to run all the way to Coventry and back, a distance of something more than forty miles.
For example, he has found a way to support his love for the arts and his habit for developing artists live/work space which, up until now, has been an unrequited dream, by balancing his losses with successful art projects, such as a 42,000 s/f performing arts center in South Orange, New Jersey.