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Sarah Gibb, left, recreation officer for Tees Forest, Mike Innerdale of the Forestry Commission and sculp-|tor of the waymarker Jim Roberts at the the start of the Tees Link in Guisborough Forest
Ignore North Wales Path signs and waymarkers which go across these slopes and continue on this path to the crest of the ridge from where there are extensive views across the town, the estuary towards Llandudno and the Great Orme and also towards Anglesey.
PREHISTORIC rock art discovered in the Brecon Beacons was probably a primitive waymarker used by early farming communities to help travellers find their way around the ritualised landscape of ancient Britain, experts revealed today.
Partway down track turn right at a waymarker onto a narrow stepped path.
Follow the path through the woods, walk up the field and follow the ditch until you see a waymarker.
Typically a little fainter than mag 13, it could be found in the Virgo cluster, but not within easy hopping distance of any readily accessible waymarker stars.
After a short distance you'll spot a finger post and take the path angling down to the left to cross a stile and continue to a waymarker post.
The trail passes through a camping site, follow the waymarker to the riverside walk.
But for others Castle Hill really is a beacon, a waymarker that connects them to the town that they call home.