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WED. A covenant or agreement; whence a wedded husband.

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It's despit lonesome, and we might lose our way,--whar we'd come to, de Lord only knows.
Yes, and afterwards sneaked off with Francis," Trent broke in bitterly, "and took every bearer with him - after we'd paid them for the return journey too.
That's true," she replied; "so we'd better start on and see if we can find any of the Winkies.
I pictured how happy we'd be together in our home all the long years to come.
Well, of course, Aunt Polly isn't won over, yet; but I'm sure she will be if you tell it to her just as you did to me, and then we'd both come, of course.
Hartford Depot, but before we'd driven a hundred yards she pulled the check-string and ordered me to go to the Waldorf.
We'd need save our money to keep the poor man with, instead o' spending it on furniture as he can neither eat nor drink.
The farm's suffering so as never was for want o' stock; and we've sold all the wheat, and we're behind with our rent,--not but what we'd like to do what's right, and I'd sit up and work half the night, if it 'ud be any good; but there's them poor children,--four of
We'll do as we'd be done by; for if my children have got no other luck, they've got an honest father and mother.
The force opposing Assad that we would have supported a year ago is Islamic State, so if only we'd done that back then, we could now ask Islamic State if they could give us back the bombs we'd given them, so we could drop them on them instead.
Wood, who led the side in the absence of the rested Chris Robshaw, said after the game: "We'd no doubt have made our excuses if we'd lost - 'it was a warm-up game and we don't want to peak too early' - but the reality is we'd hate to lose here at Twickenham.
We'd start with a faecal sample to rule out parasites and infections.