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WED. A covenant or agreement; whence a wedded husband.

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The farm's suffering so as never was for want o' stock; and we've sold all the wheat, and we're behind with our rent,--not but what we'd like to do what's right, and I'd sit up and work half the night, if it 'ud be any good; but there's them poor children,--four of
We'll do as we'd be done by; for if my children have got no other luck, they've got an honest father and mother.
First of all, we'd set off to walk one of Scotland's stunning west coast beaches or, because we live in Troon and have a stunning beach on our doorstep, we would walk as far as we could and back.
That Fleeting Hour UPSTAIRS aboard the bus to Blyth, excitement-fuelled high jinx, we'd writhe.
After breakfast and a read of the paper we'd take our dogs and kids for a long walk in a local nature park.
I can't think of any advantages of staying in but here's a short list of things that we'll get if we 'Brexit': 1) We'd save PS12bn net every year 2) We'd get our fishing grounds back 3) We'd decide our own energy policy 4) We'd be able to make trade deals with any country in the world 5) Primacy of our parliament and judiciary 6) We'd regain control of our borders 7) We'd get to vote for the people who enact our laws and regulations 8) We'd shake off 40 years worth of mostly pointless regulations and restrictions that hobble economic development - I could go on.
We'd then have an amazing lunch washed down with sherry.
The force opposing Assad that we would have supported a year ago is Islamic State, so if only we'd done that back then, we could now ask Islamic State if they could give us back the bombs we'd given them, so we could drop them on them instead.
Wood, who led the side in the absence of the rested Chris Robshaw, said after the game: "We'd no doubt have made our excuses if we'd lost - 'it was a warm-up game and we don't want to peak too early' - but the reality is we'd hate to lose here at Twickenham.
We'd like to attract local business, we'd like to create jobs for people, so that we have the type of businesses where people will come to town, want to work for those businesses, do new construction, do new improvements on existing homes.
In the front room, a fire was lit, So down the stairs we'd run and sit.
We'd bust loose on a Friday afternoon, rattling west across South Dakota with my battered jonboat hanging precariously from the truck bed, enough caffeinated beverages between us to float the boat if need be, headed out to spend the night with Big Jim.