weak point

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Thus, when a very unobtrusive Oxford man named John Boulnois wrote in a very unreadable review called the Natural Philosophy Quarterly a series of articles on alleged weak points in Darwinian evolution, it fluttered no corner of the English papers; though Boulnois's theory
That the impact of your army may be like a grindstone dashed against an egg--this is effected by the science of weak points and strong.
I am much interested in the study of national types; in comparing, contrasting, seizing the strong points, the weak points, the point of view of each.
It teaches us a lesson of humility, by impressing us with the imperfection of human powers, and by warning us of the many weak points where we are open to the attack of the great enemy of our race; it proves to us that we are in danger of being weak, when our vanity would fain soothe us into the belief that we arc most strong; it forcibly points out to us the vainglory of intellect, and shows us the vast difference between a saving faith and the corollaries of a philosophical theology; and it teaches us to reduce our self-examination to the test of good works.
The babies are very little and inoffensive and good, and it is hard that they should be used as a means of filling up gaps in conversation, and their features pulled to pieces one by one, and all their weak points noted and criticised, while they stand smiling shyly in the operator's face, their very smile drawing forth comments on the shape of their mouths; but, after all, it does not occur very often, and they are one of those few interests one has in common with other people, as everybody seems to have babies.
Saxon shuddered, then resigned herself to Billy's playful demonstration of the weak points in the human anatomy.
I was able to show today that my weak point, which used to be my weak point until recently - my backhand - has got better.
It again attacked Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian war, saying that such involvement forms weak point in the country and a pretext for terrorist organizations to hit Lebanon.
Because every student might score well for a particular subject but they may have a weak point too.
Summary: Official data highlight critical weak point for Turkey's damaged economy and devalued lira.
Although Rania did tremendously well in her part in Weak Point, she admitted that she was very anxious about her role because it was that of a kind and gentle woman, which differs tremendously from previous roles she played of the dominate and somewhat evil woman.
Government (hiring) has been a weak point in the hiring picture for a while now," Rooney said, adding, "For the past couple of years, local education has been a weak point.