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I want to ask you, who weakened state institutions?
The British pound pared the overnight advance and weakened against the greenback for the second day as Bank of England Governor Mervyn King maintained a weakened outlook for the economy, and the GBP/USD may continue to retrace the rally from earlier this month as investors speculate the central bank to take additional steps to stem the downside risks for growth and inflation.
The Report goes on to note that this significant increase in investment activity has taken place despite the decline in leasing market fundamentals nationally, which continued to decline throughout 2002 as a result of the weakened economy.
Many of these have been so-called cohesive lahars, which form avalanches that consist primarily of ancient volcanic rocks weakened by exposure to the elements.
So surely, in the simple interest of sportsmanship, the bullfighter should be weakened too?
The Finnish telecommunications group Sonera Corporation has warned that its equity income in associated companies will be significantly weakened in 2001.
Increased competition caused by the weakened yen may pressure other nations to devalue their currencies, thus touching off a new downward trend in the already unstable Asian economy.
While the vaccine they hope to take is an attenuated, or weakened, version of HIV, some researchers strongly believe it is too dangerous for human use.
In February, bond markets in Germany and Japan weakened amid a broad reassessment of interest rate expectations before recovering later in the quarter.
Growth has slowed markedly in 1990, as private investment and export demand weakened.
The committee was further weakened by a variety of procedural reforms in the mid-1970s, that weakened the seniority system.