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This in turn makes women suffer the detrimental effects of a society that views them ,as the weaker sex, as nothing more than flesh.
All of them remind the reader that contrary to the mores of the 19th century, these "whaling wives" belied the term "the weaker sex.
Women must admit that in contests of physical skill, speed and endurance, they must remain forever the weaker sex," a London newspaper had said just one day before Trudy's swim.
A brave young girl, who loved to swim, broke world records and challenged the long-held belief that women were the weaker sex.
Although the notion that traces of the weaker race enhance those of the weaker sex appears simply to conflate stereotypes, it does complicate ideologies of the "angel of the house.
When it's all over, you might be surprised to find that the weaker sex is you.
When advances in medical knowledge undermined the ancient understanding of sexual difference based on humors and fluids, a more modern physiology reconstructed womanhood as the weaker sex.
In those days, American men were secure enough in their identities and positions to engage women comfortably in serious ways without fear of being overpowered or outdone by "the weaker sex.
The wild and crazy celebrity battle of the sexes, "Guerra de Los Sexos" ("War of the Sexes"), also returns this Fall with famous stars on the warpath to prove which is truly the weaker sex.
The suspicion among punters is that women jockeys, the weaker sex, remember, would struggle to finish the four-mile, three-and-a-half furlong National in the same way they struggle to finish a crossword.
Africa is full of tourists pointing at hippos, Everest is a rubbish tip, and if you want to go up an Alp you can simply take a chair lift" Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson "It is not really a surprise we were known as the weaker sex, because you literally cannot get a breath" Actress Keira Knightley on wearing corsets for films "A lot of the mumbly actors should have a bash at Oscar Wilde or Noel Coward in the theatre.