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The Weakest Link ran from 2000 until 2012 on the BBC.
In quarter two the gap between the strongest performing region and the weakest was the smallest on record, based on data going back to 1974.
Spending at hotels, restaurants and bars saw the second highest growth of all the categories measured in June - despite seeing the weakest growth in nearly three-and-a-half years.
However, the latest reading was a series low, and meant that the average for Q4 2015 was also the weakest on record (55.
Kensington and Chelsea sat with Merthyr Tydfil on Halifax's list of the 10 weakest price performers - although house prices in the London borough have still increased by more than PS8,000 during 2015, while in Merthyr they have fallen by more than PS4,000 on average.
4, the latest index signalled the weakest increase in activity since March 2013.
In a news release announcing the new forecast, Fox noted, "In the previous quarter's update, the weakest market, Atlantic City, New Jersey, tracked at -2.
This Bill will seek to change long-established laws which uphold the sanctity of human life and protecting some of the weakest in society.
2% during the four weeks ending December 1st, matching their weakest level of '13.
Summary: The dollar slid to the weakest since February as appetite for higher-yielding assets rose on bets the Federal Reserve will delay tapering stimulus after a last-minute deal pushed the political battle over US spending into 2014.
Summary: Mumbai: Iran' India's rupee fell to the weakest level in more than a month on .