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The Karate Kid is a solid remake of one of the most fondly cherished films of the 1980s about a weakling who dares to stand up to bullies and turns their aggression against them.
I am not a weakling, but I don't think I can jump over the cement bags and the garbage skip.
Now he has shrunk to a pygmy in the wings, bullied and beaten up by all-comers like some seven-stone weakling in a prizefight.
Especially 10-stone weakling Radzi Chinyanganya who announced: "Ultimately, I'm a Christian.
let the weakling say, 'I am a warrior,'" I found as a Canadian I had to say, "Let the collectivist weakling say, 'I am a warrior.
Adverts belittle men by portraying them as being stupid or by having a bossy woman as their boss, presenting the male as a weakling.
However, after three decades of indolence, and to combat growing years and a growing waistline, I'm back, no longer a seven-stone weakling, but a 13-stone weakling instead.
I don't want no seven stone weakling, or a boy who thinks he's a girl, I'm after a hunk of a guy, an experienced man of the world, there ain't no way that I'll make do, with anything less than I'm used to, if I have a man tonight, he's gotta be right, right, right.
Tyler Miller, now a senior, has been bullied since sixth grade; he's the original 97-pound weakling.
Do you want to be remembered as a weakling, a man who gave up?
He was a cruel Gentile weakling who tried to wash his conscience with water as he handed Jesus over to a mob manipulated by a Jewish hierarchy.
His bizarre Harley-riding, chopper-piloting, reporter-threatening efforts to show executive manliness would have herniated a gorilla, but his Jesuitical denials that he ever favored force against Iraq, the No Child Left Behind Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, or NAFTA, all of which he voted for, make it clear that he's a 98-pound weakling when it comes to standing by his record.