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Earlier, the LNH spokesman said a panel of doctors was deciding whether the MQM leader was capable of being weaned off the ventilator completely.
No differences were found on growth performance during phase 1 and 3 when weaned pigs fed either CON or PKE (Table 2).
The way you save that feed is to stop lactation by getting the calf weaned earlier.
Just as tree rings record the environment in which a tree grew, traces of barium in the layers of a primate tooth can tell the story of when an infant was exclusively milk-fed, when supplemental food started, and at what age it was weaned, said Katie Hinde, professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University and an affiliate scientist at the UC Davis Primate Center.
Previous research using the GUI Infant Cohort showed breastfed infants and those weaned onto solid foods later are less likely to experience rapid weight gain and have a lower risk of obesity aged three.
The treatment group had significantly more patients successfully weaned than the control group following 28 days of intervention (treatment group 71%, 95% CI 55 to 84%; sham group 47%, 95% CI 31 to 63%).
Parents filled in questionnaires on how their children had been weaned, including how often they ate certain foods.
Born To Run was gorging so well on her Tweenhills environment and on her mother's milk that it became inevitable she would be weaned (separated from her mother and her milk) earlier than most foals.
APuppies should start to be weaned from about three to four weeks of age.
In this study, infants who were introduced to solids before the age of four months were considered to have been weaned early.
Subjects were blinded to group assignment, and were treated until weaned or 28 days.