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DARPA and AFRL will use the results of the flight tests in determining future requirements for laser weapon systems on high-speed aircraft and expanding their effectiveness.
The ACD weapon system evolved from the AFCERT, which has primary responsibility for coordinating the former Air Force Information Warfare Center's technical resources to assess, analyze, and mitigate computer security incidents and vulnerabilities.
Unlike combat advisors, conventional units partnering with HNSF will probably never be in the situation where they are required to fight with a HNSF weapon system.
As Aegis was when it first went to sea, Aegis remains the most capable multi-mission naval weapon system in the world.
The prime contractor is now often responsible for integration of an overall system, instead of the government's weapon system program office.
As the weapon systems became more complicated and larger percentages of the total fleet were operated by international users, the SPMs were able to devote less and less of their time and effort on support of internationally operated systems.
Finished prototype castings or assemblies are laboratory and/or field-tested on weapon systems per specified customer requirements.
Our rigorous system engineering approach continues to deliver to the Navy and Missile Defense Agency a multi-mission weapon system that meets all challenges and continues to deliver critical capability to the fleet," said Orlando Carvalho, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin's Surface-Sea Based Missile Defense line of business.
A prime example is the monumental effort by several key members of the air defense branch in planning, coordinating, and executing the closure of a foreign military sales case relating to the Stinger missile weapon system.
Also, other service components supporting the Air Force mission can use the F2AST contract to access BAE Systems for any weapon system, training system, ground support system, and sustainment activity.
Chris Swanson, SC, USN, (Gold Star in lieu of Fifth Award), Director of Littoral Integrated Weapon System Team, Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, August 2013 to April 2015.
The MK46 30mm Naval Weapon System is an all-weather, day/night, fully stabilized weapon system.

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