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15) The technique, as in the example given of "not weaponless," commonly appears as an understatement in the negative in order to assert, ironically, the opposite.
While some may have had extensive experience with firearms, high-speed driving, or weaponless defense, others have had little, if any, exposure.
Ruby wrestles with her revelation in the second part of the story as she marches out to her pig parlor "going single-handed, weaponless, into battle" (651).
Karate is a martial art of Japanese origin defined as a weaponless means of self-defence.
In Merton's powerful poetic vision the poet-narrator immediately recognizes "the silent races" as his brothers and embraces them, and they in turn put their weaponless hands upon his shoulders: "we saw one another in the eye," comments the speaker.
Unable to walk and weaponless, he crawled through a hail of fire to retrieve the wounded platoon leader, and crawled from position to position rendering aid, encouragement and directing defensive fire, repulsing enemy attacks.
The DSP's founding charter accordingly called for the "education of all people to spiritual maturity" and "new perspectives on education, teaching, research"--as well as for a weaponless world, a unified Europe, and the end to cold-war divisions of East and West.
I run, weaponless, NVA sappers seemingly humping in from every
He has some insightful things to say about the kinds of weaponless violence with which women were involved.
A huge, armed Liuxia Zhi glares fiercely at the tiny, weaponless figure of Confucius groveling before him and points threateningly downward at Confucius with his outstretched arm.
They must display proficiency in other areas of training, including firearms, physical fitness, weaponless defense and emergency- vehicle operations.
Weaponless, if we had a week, we'd still be at their mercy.