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7) Specifically, the GAO reviewed seven major weapons systems to include the C17 aircraft, the F-22 aircraft, the C-130J aircraft, the up-armored High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), the Stryker family of vehicles, the Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) aircraft, and the M-4 carbine.
The B-1B should be the first major weapons system the Air Force eliminates in reaching the desperately needed defense cuts proposed by President Clinton.
While acquisition governance is about spreading good ideas within the Air Force, transparency is about letting those on the outside know how the Service is purchasing goods, services, and weapons systems.
According to a newly defined program mission statement, the office will be "the Navy's premier acquisition command and life cycle manager for the Tomahawk Weapons System providing the warfighter with a safe, effective, reliable, and maintainable weapons system.
Integration of these ILCO functions within the NAVICP brings to bear an impressive array of supply chain management, weapons system management, and secondary item support expertise.
Quantifiably, what units purchase supports operational needs and dictates what is developed and what is included in the next generation weapons systems.
Aydin will supply all of the VDUs over the next 18 months to upgrade 50 Weapons Systems Control Consoles and 19 other trainer and test facilities, as a portion of the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).
The F-35 fleet will be sustained through an integrated support team across multiple countries, requiring a high level of efficiency through dispersed support systems that supersedes any other weapons system in the history of the defense industry.
Metal Storm Limited (Nasdaq Small Cap: MTSX and ASX: MST) announced today several new technical achievements related to its preparations for in-flight test firings of its electronic weapons system from a small unmanned helicopter in the U.
3 million contract, including options, to produce, qualify and test upgrade kits for night vision targeting sights on the Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) Weapons System.
current the international law framework approaches weapons systems.
Summary: Nations around the world agreed in November to continue deliberations on "lethal autonomous weapons systems" -- in other words, weapons systems that would be able to select their targets and use force without any further human intervention.

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