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10) In 2005, the Army created a working group to explore problems and solutions concerning technical data for weapons systems.
The national debate must be on what tools to provide these competent warriors and whether or not their talents are most effectively utilized in a weapons system bought on promises.
As home to resident security assistance foreign officers (SAFRs) from eighteen different countries and given the Integrated Logistics System (ILS) and weapons system support mission of the ICP, there is a driving responsibility to help both these constituencies achieve their goals of improved and tailored support with greater efficiency and reduced total ownership cost.
How are new weapons systems improved over previous incarnations?
Aydin will supply all of the VDUs over the next 18 months to upgrade 50 Weapons Systems Control Consoles and 19 other trainer and test facilities, as a portion of the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).
This unified view of the customer, and the asset, will maximize performance of the weapons system and optimize the use of the program's critical technical resources.
Metal Storm Limited (Nasdaq Small Cap: MTSX and ASX: MST) announced today several new technical achievements related to its preparations for in-flight test firings of its electronic weapons system from a small unmanned helicopter in the U.
3 million contract, including options, to produce, qualify and test upgrade kits for night vision targeting sights on the Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) Weapons System.
Summary: Nations around the world agreed in November to continue deliberations on "lethal autonomous weapons systems" -- in other words, weapons systems that would be able to select their targets and use force without any further human intervention.
In signing the law, Obama said, "When it comes to purchasing weapons systems and developing defense projects, the choice we face is between investments that are designed to keep the American people safe and those that are simply designed to make a defense company or a contractor rich.
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