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The following figures present the wear patterns for each tap.
Starting in November 2006, and then followed in January 2007 and March 2007, the Tooling Around columns have presented three installments in a series of guides detailing the various wear patterns on cutting tools.
Sgt John McDaid, a Garda PSV Inspector, said the wear pattern on Hanlon's rear tyres had "all the hall-marks of doing 'doughnuts'.
The wear pattern shows the small regular wear grooves on the ball track but also some particles of ball material (dark spots) that seemed to adhere to the surface.
Good shoe shops will put you on a treadmill and will analyse you and find out where your foot strike is and where the wear pattern on the trainer would be.
This month we'll cover the third part of this series, examining two more wear pattern types.
The wear pattern on the creature's teeth hints that the mammal was a young adult when the lethal eruption occurred, says Meng.
After being put back into service, the wear pattern of the ReCast parts was carefully measured, documented and compared with the historic performance of new replacement parts.
While "Noddy" was being thrown every which way on the pillion, an "interesting" wear pattern on front and rear tyres was developing.
1) showed that the wear pattern developed in a non-asperity wear test was perpendicular to the applied frictional stress.
Wear pattern on parts of your body you wish to draw attention to
How to correct: Not necessarily the easiest wear pattern to combat.