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The radioactive data was not collected for the piston itself; nonetheless, the wear pattern on the piston and the top piston ring are complementary and validate the observations.
Nevertheless, further studies are required to validate the assumptions made to explain the wear pattern of chipper-canter knives.
Figures 6 and 7 show the wear pattern for the spiral pointed taps.
It is a cast 3-D set of jawbones showing the exact tooth wear patterns from bucks ranging from 1.
It is not unusual for a different wear pattern to develop and if this other wear pattern goes unnoticed, it propagates to the point where the insert fails completely.
Byram also suggests maintaining a wear pattern and following the maintenance schedule recommended by the machine's manufacturer.
127 cm) depth of cut provided a uniform wear pattern on the flank of the insert without spinning the disc in the chuck of the turning center.
Like Grissom, Holmes loved putting his crime scene evidence under the magnifying glass, checking out footprints, soil samples, and the wear pattern on a pair of boots.
Its ScramblePad is an access control reader that scrambles the digits on the control pad so bystanders cannot learn the code by watching the pattern; scrambling also prevents a wear pattern on the buttons.
You will see a more consistent wear pattern for the machine, and any backlash that occurs can be taken up correctly through the control.
The utility will also receive about $640,000 for a project to use laser technology to help measure the wear pattern inside coal gasifiers.
Tires: even wear pattern, adequate tread depth, proper inflation, spare