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The weariest and most loathed worldly life That age, ache, penury and imprisonment Can lay on nature is a paradise To what we fear of death".
Like a mirage, it appears on the horizon and though its sandy exterior is at first unremarkable, what lies inside should impress even the weariest traveller.
OJamba[umlaut] offers refreshingly delightful beverage options that can bring a smile to even the weariest of travelers.
The seaweed bath and 30-minute massage should revive even the weariest mind and body.
A freelined live shrimp, with or without a float, will entice a bite from the weariest trout.
Then there was a sigh that sounded as though it was emanating from the weariest, most melancholy man on earth, before the announcement ended with a single word: "Hounslow".
23) For Hamlet, that weariest of princes, writings are everywhere.
In part, Saintsbury like others, put this down to the soul-destroying effects of Arnold's job as a schools inspector which involved "the weariest and dreariest of all businesses, the reading of hundreds of all but identical answers to the same stock questions.
Whimsical statues on every fence post and surrounding a large pond were just the trick to make even the weariest soul smile.
Such a practical piece of evolution--a mother's drive to protect her offspring--so strong it prevents sleep in even the weariest.
I've seen no big new ideas, just a cool acquiescence to the Netanyahu's "nyets" that help make "two-state solution" one of the weariest phrases on the planet.
In what rapt ether sails the world, of which the weariest will never weary?