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Some mimic traits that characterised previous governments and are thus wearingly familiar given the long history of poor or under-governance.
Scott seems to assume that Keats is comparing Rice to Severn: both are wearingly obtuse.
Yet with yards of back catalog still left, the idea grows wearingly thin.
So our hero decides to put the Almighty on trial in a well-meaning comedy which doesn't fulfil its early promise as Connolly, with po-faced Judy Davis as the love interest, goes wearingly through his full range of verbal and visual slapstick.
Other series are addressed to the Chevalier Destouches, playfully studded with classical allusions and, rather wearingly, to his persistently ailing niece, Madame de Chevry.
They were confronted by a bar to married women in the public service that persisted until the late 1960s, while their participation in the work force has not only been subject to the wearingly familiar patterns of occupational segregation but their rates of economic activity have been historically low and still lag approximately 10% behind the UK.
In his Wednesday post-defeat press conference, he praised Newt Gingrich's Contract With America and talked wearingly about welfare reform and reinventing government.
But unlike an Evo or an Impreza STi, it doesn't constantly, wearingly remind you of the fact when you've had a long day, you just want to get home and the whole of the road network seems to be infested with infernal speed hu mps.
Monday morning reports of yet more Anfield frustration for Brendan Rodgers and his side will sound wearingly familiar.