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At the end an apology is offered for following wearisomely slowly the convolutions of long poems rarely read, and building the argument by accretive detail.
While many of the government's policies are wearisomely predictable, it is still capable of springing surprises.
HOW wearisomely predictable it was to watch the assorted bores and dullards raising their noses above the privet hedges of suburbia to condemn the knighthood conferred upon Mick Jagger.
The use of armed force in China was wearisomely familiar to British diplomats, but its origins lay not in any lack of formal relations between the Qing empire and the British state, but in fact from the very intimacy of the relationship.
From Uganda of Idi Amin and Milton Obote to present day Sierra Leone, from Siad Barre's Somalia and Mariam Mengistu's Ethiopia to Liberia, the dismal story has been wearisomely repeated.
Gager has a cavalier and wearisomely predictable way with 'theory'.
There is no need wearisomely to list all the editions of the poem with the gloss 'dedicate', but it is worth noting that although the currently standard The Riverside Chaucer (Boston, 1987) offers no gloss, its mention of 'literary dedications' in its note (p.