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Even with modern science and its sophisticated weather models, final representation of the weather map is partly the result of human interpretation.
What kinds of information does this weather map not tell you that you would like to know?
BBC weather manager Andrew Lane said: 'We are proud of the new weather map - it is very flexible, and we believe that it provides the clarity and realism that viewers want.
The new perspective weather map will be in use from today.
The gloves are made of blue leather and show weather map contours and isobars.
And of course that weather map has to go: It's not accessible to the color-blind.
His most famous moment came when a streaker swam naked up to the floating weather map during a This Morning show in 1995.
Auto Business News-25 May 2009-BMW to launch built-in weather map in navigation system(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
1995: Couple look on helpless as streaker leaps across Fred Talbot's weather map live on This Morning.
The LSH Weather Map from commercial property consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton forecasts that rents for grade A office space in Birmingham will increase by 6.
The LSH Weather Map, which provides market forecasts for the UK and Ireland office, retail and industrial sectors to the end of 2007, predicts that rents for new prime industrial and distribution space in Birmingham will rise by 8.
in San Diego have produced the equivalent of a weather map for the sun.

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