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Past recipients of National Weatherperson of the Year include former National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield and The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore.
Chances are Johansson will continue to star in movies such as "The Avengers 2" instead of becoming a weatherperson but on Tuesday, Johansson did live out one of her dreams.
The weatherperson just goes home, knowing he or she can guess again tomorrow.
You can watch your local TV weatherperson for the upcoming conditions, or check the station's website, but weather that counts as "clear" to the general public isn't always suitable for astronomy.
The newscast cut between the anchors in the studio and the reporters in the field, added titles over the video, played canned clips from other sources, and showed a live green-screen shot of the weatherperson (doubtless he or she was predicting more snow and cold for the freakish winter of 2010).
The Welsh weatherperson with a delivery suited to the under-fives class at Llandudno Primary.