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In Alaska, catcher processors are the primary vessel type used to harvest weathervane scallops.
While studying examples of Barnett's work, we discussed weathervanes and their interesting place in history.
Giant Pacific or weathervane sea scallops, Patinopecten caurinus, were first fished commercially in the Gulf of Alaska in 1967, when 3449 kg of unshucked sea scallops (estimated 341 kg of meats) were landed at Kodiak, Alaska (Haynes and Powell, 1968).
An arid wind made the weathervane grate, blew to the East and has not ceased, blew hard and made him bend.
The show will feature styles from Ann Taylor in Century City and Weathervane in Santa Monica.
Tillich suggested that art is like a weathervane for the spiritual needs of the time.
And high above, on a hip-roofed cupola, sits a weathervane that indicates wind direction with a solid wood racket.
Lot 2088: Rare and important Nancy Hanks with Pneumatic Tire Sulky Weathervane
Beside the house is the Dovecote constructed of brick with glazed cupola and weathervane.
The Weathervane, Southern Season's award-winning restaurant, will feature a weekly three-course dinner and meat and cheese plate to accompany the wine picks of the week.
The report clarifies why current outpost-related events should be seen as both the logical continuation of the Israeli settlement enterprise, and an important weathervane of current Israeli policy in the occupied Palestine territory.
The arm-and-hammer weathervane, a 1977 replica of the original and a symbol of WPI, was also restored.