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Better save yourself the headache of ruining a perfect weave by making calculated, yet dangerous risks.
Leno is a plain weave, with holes inserted to form patterns by inserting bamboo sticks and twisting selected skeins in the process of weaving.
And let our common vision and values weave us together as we seek to empower those who have given meaning to our being Filipino," Legarda concluded.
Plane Weave, the result of organizing numerous pieces into a whole, presents itself as a singular entity rather than its individual parts.
Students make a handy sample sheet of different weave types and then go outside to burn fabric swatches to determine what they are made of.
Tia Woodley of Honey Bee Express Weave Salon said, "Our goal has always been to be unlike any hair weaving salon South Carolina has ever seen, and this website is an extension of that environment as well as customer service, where we can empower women to come in and embrace their beauty.
The unbalanced plain weave glass/PPS material data come from Angioni.
Watan learned how to weave from her mother at the age of eighteen.
I think the author reads too much into weaving and tries to pyschoanalyse many a black woman, but she must also envisage the simple idea that women weave to try new things--to be a femme fatale in a lengthy black-coloured weave today or a short shocking red Rihanna bob tomorrow.
I think women who wear weaves are having trouble accepting the natural state of their hair or their overall identity.
This paper presents the influence of weave structure on tensile strength of 3D carbon Fibre woven fabric.
The Grandmother calls to Wild Rose to come learn how to weave, to warp the loom, work the sticks, and weave the fabric.