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The weave, however, disappeared during the Portuguese rule when sartorial tastes changed considerably.
Integrated completely with HyperMesh, users are able to model weaves in any dimension (1D, 2D, 3D) using all fiber and matrix materials available.
Coloured ribbons were used to create and weave messages as a reference to Coventry's once important ribbon weaving trade which brought great prosperity to the city.
The unbalanced plain weave glass/PPS material data come from Angioni.
I think the author reads too much into weaving and tries to pyschoanalyse many a black woman, but she must also envisage the simple idea that women weave to try new things--to be a femme fatale in a lengthy black-coloured weave today or a short shocking red Rihanna bob tomorrow.
I think women who wear weaves are having trouble accepting the natural state of their hair or their overall identity.
There is no wrong way to weave in saori," she said.
Take another long strand of vine and weave it in and out along the circle until you have used up that piece.
A recent survey conducted by the American Health & Beauty Aids Institute, the national trade association representing the leading manufacturers of ethnic hair care and beauty related products, found that 27% of stylists surveyed said that between 31% and 50% of their clients get hair weaves, 23% say between 11% and 30% of their clients get weaves, and 38% of stylists stated at least 10% of their clients get weaves.
Contents contained in the above report include Summary Introduction Fibres for sails Polyester Nylon (Polyamide) Aramids Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenes PEN fibre Liquid crystal polymers Carbon fibre Films Woven sailcloth Yarn quality Yarn content Tightness of the weave Type of finish Laminated sailcloth Woven/film/woven or woven/film Film/scrim/film or film/insert/film (film-on-film) Woven/film/scrim/film/woven Woven/scrim/woven The latest sailcloth constructions D4 Cuben Fiber 3DL
Learning to twist plant and animal fibers into stringlike yarns enabled prehistoric people to weave nets, baskets, and other objects that eased the chores of everyday life, Barber explains in her extensive writings.
I don't want to weave into any world, het or gay, at the cost of losing the lesbian world.