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And now, the hand that traces these words, falters, as it approaches the conclusion of its task; and would weave, for a little longer space, the thread of these adventures.
Rodricks says he always wanted Goa to have its own saree and as a designer, he felt embarrassed that while other states had their weaves or embroideries, his home state did not have any such thing to pride itself in.
KTEX Family offers complete analyzation and optimization of composite weaves and the effects that the manufacturing process has on them, said Shan Nageswaran, Senior Director, HyperWorks at Altair.
I think women who wear weaves are having trouble accepting the natural state of their hair or their overall identity.
Unlike the flat weaves that are typically found in this category, he said, "We use a sisal weave that gives us the flexibility to use several different weaves in one rug," and is produced on looms that can combine small and large loops, herringbone weaves and basket weaves in a single rug.
Instead of designs based on complex, mathematical patterns, the looks that emerge in the colorful and multi-textured cloth she weaves are purely improvisational.
A recent survey conducted by the American Health & Beauty Aids Institute, the national trade association representing the leading manufacturers of ethnic hair care and beauty related products, found that 27% of stylists surveyed said that between 31% and 50% of their clients get hair weaves, 23% say between 11% and 30% of their clients get weaves, and 38% of stylists stated at least 10% of their clients get weaves.
When the coating weaves beyond the edge of the substrate, it may stick to the rubber nip roll.
Because the weaves will be tight and secure when the loom is completed, do not have students tie the weft to the warp.
Costumes (1) Dancer, costume designer, and sculptor Annie Hickman weaves the magic of the creature world into her exquisite costumes with basketry materials and fabrics.
The Company also produces and/or finishes an increasingly diversified and innovative range of denim, chino, twill and printed fabrics, including lightweights, alternative weaves and specialty colors and finishes.
ATLANTA-Safavieh will introduce this week a collection of programmed rugs hand-knotted in Pakistan using Persian weaves and indigenous vegetable dyes, commonly known to the trade as Paks.